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Have you have been looking for new characters, races, worlds, etc. for your role play gaming free of charge? You have come to the right place! All of the gaming resources post on this site are free for non-commercial use unless otherwise noted. Please go to the Resources page and choice one of the many topics to see the lists of ideas for your next game.

All of the resources on this site have been created and posted by our loyal visitors and unruly staff. We do like to give credit to submissions if the sender wants us to. We are also looking for staff members if you are interested in charity work please let us know.

Please use this link to .



December 8, 2011: My first novel is available for sale on Lulu . Also I plan on redoing this site in the near future.

I have been busy today. 2 background images have been made for your enjoyment. 1 new recipe and a better pic has been added to the link bellow. 11/11/05

My Halloween 2005 costume. 10/30/05

New recipe, please click the new link in the nav bar. Thank you. 10/16/05

I have decided to make recipes that could be from another world as it were, this is the first. 10/10/05

There is an Offical history of Kol so I have stoped work on mine. 10/1/05

Just started an Unoffical history of kol. 9/27/05

While bord at work I started a comic strip called Save Vs. Let me know what you guys think. 6/20/05




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